Avoid injuries before wedding

You might feel that you desperately need to lose some weight before marriage. So you join the gym and set out on an ambitious exercise plan. But you must not rush into anything so fast. If you embark on a rigorous exercise routine, then chances are that you might get injured. And injury is something that you will not want to have before your special day. If you have some knee or back problem, then you must let your instructor know about it. There is no point trying to be a super woman. Your trainer needs to tailor made the program for you. Women are at greater tendency for ACL injuries. The ACL is the ligament that is responsible for holding the knee bone in place. Thus, you will need to be extremely careful. It is better not to be too ambitious. You need not prove anything to anyone. You must chalk out a routine that is not too taxing on you. You also need to keep your age and physical form in mind. If you have a high target to reach, it is better to start out ahead of time. Try and control your diet too. This way, you will not have to depend totally on your exercise.