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A Military Wedding

A military ceremony takes place according to the religion and traditions of the couple getting married. It is different from traditional civilian weddings in the following ways. - The groom (if in military) has to wear his full-dress uniform along with white gloves and sword. If the bride is in the military, she may choose to wear the uniform if she chooses to do so. The non-military attendants need to be in their formal attire. - Both the bride and groom need to pass under an arch of drawn swords. The arch formed by an honor guard represents a safe passage into marriage. - At the seated reception, all military guests are seated in order of rank. - The wedding cake is cut with a sword. - You can choose to decorate the hall in military style using traditional military colors. You can use green wreaths and white flowers for centerpieces. A military wedding can take place in the couple’s own church, synagogue or even the chapel at the military base. Getting married at a military academy is also an option. Naval officers are supposed to carry swords, while Army, Air force, and Marine Officers usually carry sabers.
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