100 Years of Wedding Cake Designs

100 Years of Wedding Cake Designs

At Wedding Collectibles we are passionate about cake design and cake toppers! We wanted to share with you some of the highlights of how far cake design has come over the past century and fell in love with this video! Which wedding cake designs are your favorite? I think we've got to say 1936 and 2016!


The 1920s

Wedding cake designs often took on the glitz and glam of the roaring 20s era. They were styled with an art deco theme like in The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald. Icing techniques were complex and expensive. This led to affordable cake mixes being sold so that all couples could have a wedding cake.

The 1930s

Cake toppers became popular, as well as, the Lambeth Method. Lambeth icing is a method of piping rows of icing details that are delicate and meticulous.

The 1940s

Due to the war, cakes were mostly homemade in the 40s and featured very little decorations. Lambeth icing was still popular. Many cake toppers were of a traditional couple with the groom in military dress uniforms.

The 1950s

Fruit cakes with white frosting were very popular. After the war more intricate cake toppers became highly popularized and we started to see more use of fresh flowers as a cake topper.

The 1960s

Multi-tiered and elegant, cakes of the 60s were all about height and extravagance. The versatile “boiled icing” technique rose in popularity.

The 1970s

Multi-tiered cakes were still popular, but the decorations became more detailed. The tiers were typically adorned with ornaments of silver and gold, bells and ribbons, or small edible flowers. The traditional bride and groom cake topper was, and still is, a popular classic choice. Cake decorators started experimenting with buttercream frosting and royal icing was a common choice as it was strong and could support the many tiers of the typical 70s wedding cake.

The 1980s

Dark fruit cake mixtures were very popular in the 80s. Brides wanted a wow factor on their cake, and things like water fountains and pillars were added for dramatic affect. Common elements of wedding cake designs in the 80's were flowers, ribbons and icing decorations.

The 1990s

Sugar paste was back in popularity and so cakes in the 90s were decorated with colorful edibe flowers and other decorations. Cake toppers became more personalized and reflected the bride and groom’s personality, hobbies, or professions.

The 2000s

Wedding cake designs started to be coordinated with the wedding gown and decorations. The icing work became very detailed. Many brides started to incorporate coordinating cupcakes with their wedding cake.

The 2010s

Water color designs make a splash in the 2010s! Cake decorators had fun using washes of pastel colors, applying gold accents, and placing unique shapes marking a contemporary style for the decade.