Why you need a Bridal Hankie

A Bridal Hankie for the Big Moment

Bridal Hankie

If you’re getting married, chances are pretty good that you’re going to cry. The marriage ceremony is an intensely emotional experience and crying is part of the day – don’t be caught without a bridal hankie! Your bridal hankie will be your beautiful little companion throughout the day and will probably show up in several pictures – find something pretty! Finding the right bridal hankie isn’t difficult, but make sure it’s more than just a rag or tissue. You want your bridal hankie to last the entire night (hopefully longer!) so find something that’s built to last. If you’re looking for a gift for a bride in your life, think about a bridal hankie. Often, brides won’t think about a bridal hankie as a day-of necessity, but they will be glad when they have it! Brides – keep your bridal hankie tucked away somewhere accessible. Most bridal gowns don’t come with pockets (unfortunately), so you may have to improvise. Think about designating your maid of honor or husband-to-be to carry around your bridal hanky until you need it. Imagine how sweet the moment will be when your new husband hands you your beautiful bridal hankie to dap your tears at the altar.   You might also consider tucking your bridal hankie into your glove or the strap of your dress – just make sure it won’t fall out or shock any guests when you whip it out!