What Material Is Used For Wedding Cake Toppers?

What Material Is Used For Wedding Cake Toppers?

A wedding cake topper can add a personal touch to your cake and completely transform its aesthetic. But picking the right one might be overwhelming. With so many options in the market and new designs propping up each day, the decision can be a mind-boggling one. Our advice? Choose the one that matches your wedding theme and goes with your relationship vibes. 

There’s another hitch though. They are made with different materials, so which one’s best for you? Don’t worry we’re decoding the 4 most popular materials when it comes to toppers so you can choose the best one for your special day. 

Fine porcelain

A fine porcelain wedding cake topper is the ideal one for couples who want to keep the topper as a souvenir from their special day. It’s sturdy, strong, and doesn’t fade away. If your parents or grandparents have a cake topper as an heirloom, chances are it’s made from porcelain material. Another great part about this material is how elegant and timeless it looks. Definitely, a sure pick for couples whose nuptial style resonates with the same. 


Resin wedding cake toppers are quite popular when it comes to figurines! They have the option to be incredibly detailed in contrast to the porcelain and bring your vision to life. However, this otherwise called stone resin is not necessarily cheaper. The one thing you have to keep in mind when storing them as a keepsake is to always protect them properly. If the design has been exposed to sunlight over time, it can turn yellow and become brittle.


Metal wedding cake toppers are sturdy and there’s less risk of breakage. They offer minimal customization though and are best to be used as initial toppers. If you want to use multiple designs, do keep in mind the size of the top tier of your cake so it fits well. 


Acrylic cake toppers are the most popular as they can be fully customized with names or initals,  and be as detailed and embellished as you’d like. Although they are lightweight and can be held with a few picks, they’re also incredibly fragile. Because of the risk, the cake designer might assign a wedding coordinator to put the wedding cake topper at the venue itself. 


Another popular material for wedding cake toppers is wood. It lends a very unique rustic feel to your cake. If you’re having a rustic or boho wedding, getting a wooden cake topper would be perfectly fitting. The material stays on well and can be reused if properly stored and taken care of. 

No matter what material or style of wedding cake topper you have in mind, we’re sure you can find it in our collection. If you find that one of our designs is a perfect fit, we’ll be honored to be a part of your wedding day!