How Do You Get A Wedding Cake Topper Of A Picture?

How Do You Get A Wedding Cake Topper Of A Picture?

A wedding cake topper accents your special dessert with no additional effort. A picture-perfect topper can make your cake stand out during the ceremony and can easily be used as a keepsake of your beautiful day. While there are many options to pick the perfect one, there’s nothing more personalized than having a picture wedding cake topper. The uniqueness of them is definitely unbeatable. So, here are some ways you can have them made from our store: 

Custom Design Wedding Cake Topper

In this cake topper, you can give us a design you have on your mind, and since we’re talking about photos, probably a special snapshot of you two. We can convert the picture into a figurine that resembles you! Not only will it look amazing on your gorgeous cake, but can also be used as a souvenir because of its sturdiness. 

Custom Engraved Photo Wood Cake Topper

If your wedding theme is rustic and boho, you’ve got to check out our wooden photo engraved wedding cake topper. In this one, any of your couple’s pictures (can be from your engagement session) will be engraved intricately on a wooden base. It will surely be a whimsical one, which will make for a befitting choice on any cake design. 

Custom Silhouette Cut Out Wedding Cake Topper - Add a Personalized Touch Your Custom Wedding Cake Topper

Custom Silhouette Cut Out Wedding Cake Topper 

In this endearing topper, we create a silhouette of the image you send us. This can be any picture - probably the day of your proposal or you two dancing together. A great wedding cake topper tip is to personalize the design (color, length, etc.) as per the theme of your wedding. For example, if your decor includes black accents as the backdrop over neutral tones, then a black color cake topper will make an amazing pick. But if the decor has pastel pink hues, then a rose gold design will be your best bet. 

We hope these solved all your queries on how to get a picture wedding cake topper made. If you have any other questions, don’t hesitate to reach out and contact us. We’d be more than happy to help you!