What Is Tradition For The Father Of The Bride?

What Is Tradition For The Father Of The Bride?

For the father of the bride, a wedding is just as important and emotional as it is for the couple. The special bond between father and daughter is highlighted throughout the planning process. His importance as a significant member of the wedding party should not be underestimated, and every father must understand his obligations on this big day. 

Here, we will look back at the father of the bride traditions that your daughter can include as part of her big day. 

Before Wedding

1: An overview of the other family

There's a chance you've never met your daughter's prospective in-laws. If you haven't met the parents of your daughter's fiancé(e), now is the time! Reach out soon after the engagement if you have the couple's permission. Arrange an in-person meeting with the entire group if possible. When it comes to more serious chats regarding wedding planning down the road, getting to know one other's inflections and senses of humor will go a long way. 

2: Help out

Nowadays, couples usually prefer to pay for their own wedding but if you can help, know that your daughter and her future husband will be eternally grateful. Unexpected events might sometimes develop during the wedding preparations, and a couple may be too emotional to manage uncomfortable conversations. As the father of the bride, make yourself available to negotiate and manage contracts on their behalf. You can also help with choosing the items on the menu list, pick meal courses, and red and white wines that complement each meal.

On the Big day

1: Be available: 

You will know best if your daughter will like to have you around while she gets dressed in the morning, but you should be by her side for the big reveal and your walk to the altar. Make sure you're there to drive her to the venue – it'll be a lovely opportunity for you to connect while also preparing for the commitment she'll be making! Take advantage of this time to share a private and personal moment with your daughter while entertaining her with hilarious dad jokes and recollections.

2: The daughter-father moments

The father-daughter first glance is another significant wedding tradition. It's a chance for the bride to show her love and thanks to her father and for the father to express his love and pride for his daughter. 

The ritual of the father of the bride walking her down the aisle refers to the transfer of a daughter from her father's family to her groom's. The classic father-daughter dance is a great wedding tradition. Make sure you're part of the song selection process. If you're not good on the dance floor, book some dance lessons for your daughter and yourself before the big day!