Wedding Flowers for the Spring Season

Wedding Flowers for the Spring Season

Wedding flowers being available by season seems to be one of the biggest considerations that bride's forget. However, if you've a very specific look or bloom in mind, it needs to be a top tier factor when choosing your wedding date. You can't have the wedding bouquet of your dreams when you pick a wedding date in which your dream wedding flowers are completely unavailable. So, let's take a look at wedding flower's that are in season for our spring brides!


Spring Wedding Flowers
  • Tulips: Tulips, an extremely popular wedding flower are in season starting in December and through May. While available through winter, their bright color options make them perfect for spring.
  • Leucadendrons: These unique flowers are in season in the early spring and will provide both beauty and texture, as seen in the photo above from Swallows Nest portfolio.
  • Narcissus: These white and yellow flowers are so cheerful, it's no wonder their season is Spring.
  • Boronia: A less commonly known flower, these spring blooms are a purple-ly pink and offer depth to any bouquet. Spring Wedding Flowers
  • Lilacs: We kind of love the idea of an all lilac wedding bouquet, but they also make great fillers and pops of color! These are a spring wedding flower for sure!
  • Peonies: These wedding flower favorites are typically available in the late spring and early summer. Many brides choose these to create volume in their bouquets.

A touch of Spring with All Season Wedding Flowers

All year round you'll have access to the classic rose (more expensive in February!), trendy eucalyptus, gardenia, calla lilies and the like. But, we highly recommend you choose seasonal specific wedding flowers because it will help your wedding be both cohesive and more unique. Some people choose their wedding flowers as a secondary decision. But, we really think they should be top on your list. From the flowers comes the season and wedding colors! Both are pretty big decisions!