3 Tips for Bridal Bouquet Design

3 Tips for Bridal Bouquet Design

[embed]https://youtu.be/yH3p_oMRyns[/embed] If you're looking to DIY your Bridal Bouquet, you're likely going to stumble across simple tutorials like this one by Jasmine Star. What's great about this tutorial, is while she works in the creative industry, she's not actually a florist. So, the bouquet tutorial is really and is more along the lines of what you'll probably actually be doing. Now you'll need to know a few more details like that you'll want to assemble your bouquet one to two days before the wedding. And that 10 stems make a small bouquet, 18 to 20 for a medium wedding bouquet and, 25 to 30 for a large one. You can wrap your bouquet with ribbon or use a bouquet holder like this one. Plus, getting your flowers for your wedding at your local flower market will save you some money! If you're greatest intimidation for doing your own flowers is that you don't feel like you've got that creative bone, here are a few tips to help you choose your flowers and build your bridal bouquet!

Three Tips for Designing Your Bridal Bouquet

Play with Size

Like in Jasmine Star's tutorial, you'll want to get flowers and greenery that offer different sizes for your bridal bouquet. Peonies are a favorite for those extra large blooms and you can even get away with Baby's Breath as your filler!

Neutrals with a Pop

Next, unless you're going with an all bold wedding style, then you'll want to stick with neutral color flowers to make up the majority of your bouquet. Choose one or two more colorful flowers that're in YOUR WEDDING COLOR PALATTE and keep the rest light and cool. Ultimately, this will give you some drama and keep everything easy and pretty. Bridal Bouquet

Texture is Your Friend

Finally, you need texture. Honestly, I kind of want to shout this one. TEXTURE IS YOUR FRIEND!!!!! Really. It is. You'll notice in the bouquets that end up in magazines the flowers and greenery in those bouquets provide different textures. Really, this is actually one of the big reasons you need filler flowers and greenery. Texture in your bridal bouquet add's depth and character. To accomplish texture, look for flower's that offer different shapes, petal styles, and lengths. Then for greenery, literally look for different textures!