Wedding Collectibles Featured in Town & Country Weddings!

Wedding Collectibles has been featured in the current Spring/Summer 2010 issue of Town & Country Weddings!!! Check it out at the newsstands everyone. We're on the very last page in the Rites & Rituals section:

They Take the Cake "When Queen Vtowncountry-spread-72pxictoria had her baker place sugar figurines of a bride and groom atop the 300-pound, three-yard wide cake at her 1840 wedding, affluent brides fell in love with cake toppers, symbols of the beginning of a couple's life together. These keepsakes became generally popular in the 20th century, when they were mass-produced to reflect the fashion of the age, says Penny Henderson, author of Vintage Wedding Cake Toppers: flapper dresses were the rage in the mid-1920s; military uniforms on grooms rose to prominence in the 1940s. Brides today have options beyond the production line. A fashionista, for example, may incorporate lace from her wedding dress, while a romantic can choose a vintage item or a family heirloom. Whatever their style, these quirky mementos signify two people standing as one-much more than the icing on the cake."