Using (and Keeping) Cat Wedding Outfits

Cat Wedding Outfits for your Big Day

Cat Wedding Outfits

So last time around we chatted a little bit about dog wedding outfits. Well, cat lovers, hold on to your butts; this time we're going to be discussing the newest trend for the brave and kitty-crazy: cat wedding outfits. What are the conditions under which cat wedding outfits are safe and well-advised? Well, for the right pet owner, cat wedding outfits might just be exactly what you need. Just like their doggie counterparts, cat wedding outfits come in all colors and styles, but they mostly follow the "adorable-bowtie-and-crisp-white-shirt" line of stylistic thinking. Most events where you might find cat wedding outfits probably won't have a strict dress code, so I wouldn't stress about the lack of an accompanying dinner jacket. If you're going to attempt to dress your kitty in some cat wedding outfits for your big day (or maybe just an engagement photo shoot or a particularly spirited rehearsal dinner), be sure to do a trial run first. Make sure that your kitty doesn't object to cat wedding outfits before committing your feline to a few hours of labored tearing and ripping. Cat wedding outfits are an adorable addition to your day, but make sure your cat is into it too!