Top 10 Contemporary Cake Toppers

Contemporary: An adjective meaning belonging to or occurring in the present. This can be just literal, but also inspirational, especially to a bride. Belong in the present. Live in the present. Love in the present. The contemporary bride is more than existing now, she loves and lives in the now, and often needs her wedding to do just that. These contemporary cake toppers focus on the now, the moment, and the excitement of knowing that a moment becomes most special when it begins to slip away

Top 10 Contemporary Cake Toppers

  1.  Language of Love My Love Wedding Cake Topper Figurine
    Contemporary Wedding                     Aside from it's sleek and smooth lines, part of what helps this cake topper embody the contemporary is the text along the side? Why? Because text is constantly living. As each person reads it, it exists in that person's present. It is always. THAT is what takes this contemporary cake topper to the absolute top.
  2. Stylized Dancing Wedding Cake Topper Contemporary Cake TopperThis contemporary cake topper is all about fluidity and demonstrates the smooth ebb of love uniting a couple into a seamless unison. The flowers in the hair and on the dress add just a touch of decor without exiting the smooth sleekness that is often characteristic of contemporary styles.

  3. Gay Silhouette of Love Same Sex Cake TopperSimilar to the style of the number two cake topper, this same sex couple cake topper reaches the term contemporary on a whole other level: It brings to light contemporary views on love, accepts it, and celebrates it. This cake topper would be a perfect addition to any same sex couple's wedding.

  4. Contemporary Love Birds Cake Topper Contemporary Bird Cake Topper This contemporary love bird cake topper is definitely a customer favorite. The soft sweetness is what really makes this topper exquisite.

  5. Chevron Stripe And Polka Dot Hearts Wedding Cake Topper Contemporary Cake ToppersThis adorable and modern heart cake topper keeps to the present by hitting up that chevron trend that every Pinterest pinner cannot help but love!
  6. Love Birds Taupe Caketop Contemporary Dove Wedding Cake Topper
    While the dove is not a new trend as a symbol used at weddings, its role as a signifier of purity, peace, and faith is present and living today, just as the text lives in the present in our number one cake topper. This, added to the contemporary aesthetic and unique stone coloring, makes it an ideal choice for the contemporary bride.
  7. Monogram Acrylic Circle Cake Topper Contemporary Monogram Cake TopperMongrams are a great choice for mondern brides because they allow for a clean cutt look and individualization which works great with the idea of a moment being unique to each person. This cake topper makes our list because of the fluidity of the font and smooth curve. This is a great choice if you are looking for a contemporary monogram.

  8. Mr. and Mrs. Metal Cake Pick Mr and Mrs cake topperWe love this sharp and flowy (yes we are are aware of the contradiction) Mr and Mrs cake topper with its metallic look. This cake topper can help blend the daintiness of feminine design and modern or urban themes.

  9. Silhouette of Love Cake Topper with Black Finish Contemporary Wedding Cake TopperPushing against the tradition of crisp white at weddings, this black finish cake topper is a perfect way to establish a unique look. It is your wedding, so it should be something you love and represents you. So if you like the clean white look, do that. If you like the black finish, do that!

  10. Family Stylized Heart Cake Topper Contemporary Cake TopperThe contemporary stylized heart cake topper is to die for! It works wonderfully as a cake topper or can be set as a figurine at the cake table or even the sign in table. It's design works great for a family of two uniting, but is also inspired  by couples with children demonstrating not only the union of the spouses, but of the children becoming part of the union as well.