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How to Create Dynamic Table Centerpieces with Terrariums

How to Create Dynamic Table Centerpieces with Terrariums

Terrarium Centerpiece

One rising trend with weddings and even home decor is to use terrariums and succulents. These living centerpieces bring in rich greens and natural beauty to any wedding, as well as give a unique look. Knowing this, here are some options that we have found that are gorgeous and simple. The terrarium featured below comes from Refinery 29's blog and following the link includes easy step by step instructions on how to create it yourself! Terrarium Centerpieces

The above terrarium would be a beautiful option for a centerpiece. If you find it to be too large or tall, you can modify it to fit your needs, but the idea remains the same. This is great for for an outdoor or indoor wedding and will fit in great with spring. However, one of the great things about a terrarium is that you choose what lives inside it and can thus choose plants that fit your season and theme best (as you can see in the terrarium from the Ruffled Blog that features deep and lively reds)! Now to take it from pretty plants to centerpiece

  1. Include a table number! Table NumberWith a terrarium like the one above, we would recommend using a classic standing table number or a rustic standing table number like the one pictured above. The classic look would be situated aside the terrarium, whereas the rustic number could have the potential of being incorporated in it. For other options for incorporating the number within the centerpiece, look through our monogram cake toppers since they can just as easily be positioned in the soil as they can be in a cake!
  2. If you decide to create a smaller terrarium, include decorative tea lights or candles!Candle HolderThese beautiful candles would look great next to a colorful terrarium like glittering side stone to the center stone of an engagement ring. It is small enough that it would not be overpowering or competing, but big enough that it won't like it is there on mistake! Plus, the color this candle holder comes in can really work with just about any color scheme!
You Don't Want to Make Your Own Terrarium, But Want the Same Natural Look?  Aside from searching Etsy for someone who will make a terrarium centerpiece for you, you can also visit your local Home Depot or Lowes and take a walk through their pre-planted succulents. Either way, including a coordinated table number and accessorizing with candles or even smaller single plant terrariums will be key in create a dynamic table centerpiece.
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