Tips for the Ring Bearer Pillow

Keep an eye on your Ring Bearer Pillow

Ring Bearer Pillow

  Carrying a ring bearer pillow is a big responsibility for the child you’ve selected as your bearer of the rings. Often, couples select younger members of their families to fill this role, but they don’t think about precautions that should be taken with the ring bearer pillow when it’s in young hands. Here are a few tips to make sure that your ring bearer pillow is kept safe:
  1. Don’t let the ring bearer pillow out of your sight.
    Designate a bridesmaid or family member to keep an eye on your ring bearer in the moments up to your ceremony, no matter how safe and stationary her or she may seem. It only takes a moment for a ring bearer pillow to get stuffed behind a couch or set in a pond.
  2. Tie that ribbon tight!
It goes without saying that your rings are an important part of your ceremony. Children tend to swing and dip and run and jump, no matter how many times you tell them to settle down. Make sure the ribbon on your ring bearer pillow is tied as tight as you can…
  1. But don’t double-knot!
Though it may get a giggle from your guests, you don’t want to waste time at the altar struggling with the knot on your ring bearer pillow. Tie the knot tight enough so that your ring bearer can’t fling the rings into a lake, but don’t knot it more than once!