Tips for selecting cake designs and accessories

Finalizing the choice of your wedding day cake toppers and other special accessories should reflect your personal taste and style. It is equally important that the selection jells well with the overall décor of your reception venue. Ideally, it should fit the core theme, colors and setting for the event. Remember, a wedding cake should be treated as a dazzling piece of magnificent miniature architecture. It should be so designed that it expresses the sentiment of a newly wed couple. Once the primary choice is done, you may turn your attention to incorporating other things that enhance the mood. The idea is to add to the appeal of the wedding location and make it an enjoyable occasion.If you are planning a simple wedding with no theme, you will need to work out basic decoration, colors and shape of the cake topper. Conversely, if there's a specific theme or topic, you have it as a reference point. If you have a color scheme, you may opt to decorate your wedding cake with tiny romantic rosebuds or nice pearls in colors of your choice made with actual/ frosting pearls or rosebuds. A nice decorative touch can be added with bows, which match bridesmaid dresses. Just imagine a fairytale fantasy scene etched on your cake, something you would remember forever and cherish as a memory for the rest of your life.