The Many Uses for Silk Rose Petals

Diverse Options and Many Styles of Silk Rose Petals

Silk Rose Petals

Never was there a more diverse decor option than silk rose petals. Silk rose petals work for weddings, receptions, engagements, anniversaries, quinceaneras, showers, and so much more. Unlike more specific decor options like centerpieces and linens, silk rose petals scale up or down pretty easily depending on the formality of your event. They're also a great way to dress up a venue that allows for only minimal decor interference, such as a swanky hotel bar or a conservative church. Silk rose petals come in all sorts of colors (though style experts will warn against anything too drastic), and look best against a stark white or cream background. The most beautiful setting for a bunch of silk rose petals has got to be the aisle during a wedding ceremony. As some venues don't allow fresh flowers (or you're getting married during a season when fresh rose petals may be a hassle), silk rose petals make for a great alternative that won't die. Guests love scooping up a few as a fun souvenir, and more thrifty brides will find a way to recycle them at a later date. Don't be surprised when you see the same silk rose petals at a classy baby shower a few months after an equally-classy wedding!