Tell your Story with a Football Wedding Cake Topper

A Football Wedding Cake Topper for your Big Day

Football Wedding Cake Topper

  If you and your betrothed are big football fans and Super Bowl Sunday is the highlight of your year (aside from your wedding day, of course), think about finding yourself a football wedding cake topper. A football wedding cake topper works great as the centerpiece of your main attraction cake (the big fluffy one your guests will be eyeing), or as an accessory to your groom’s cake. A football wedding cake topper also looks great on your guestbook table or alongside your escort cards.   Wherever you decide to put it, a football wedding cake topper will be hard to miss. A football wedding cake topper shows your guests how you and your future spouse bond, and can be a great crowning piece to a themed cake. Did you meet at a college game? Did one of you play in high school? Did you attend rival universities? Incorporate your personal story into your cake and cake topper – a football wedding cake topper should be a piece of your story that guests can enjoy even before they dig in to the dessert!   A football wedding cake topper doesn’t have to be one solid piece, either; individual bride and groom figurines with cohesive themes make it easier for same-sex couples to get a piece of the wedding cake gridiron.