Stay Safe with a Wedding Card Holder

A Wedding Card Holder Can Help You to Protect Your Gifts

Wedding Card Holder

While it's never advisable to expect gifts for your wedding, you would be remiss not to include a wedding card holder among your day-of decor. A wedding card holder will work as a place for your friends and family to deposit any well-wishes (and perhaps even a few checks and gift cards) that they might bring with them on the day of the wedding. You'll want your cards to remain safe during the event, and it's certainly not unheard of for party crashers and thieves to make off with any unguarded gifts, so make sure you have a safe wedding card holder available in a guarded locale. You don't need to be hovering over your wedding card holder like a hawk all evening, but it might be in your best interest to place it somewhere safe - like the back of the ballroom or near the DJ - to keep any sticky fingers at bay. Also, enlist the help of a small lock to keep any would-be thieves from simply walking away with one or two cards. It's much easier to make off with a few paper-thin gifts than a whole box. As for party guests, here's a bit of advice: the couple won't need to worry about a safe wedding card holder if you simply send the gift directly to their home. While it's unlikely that a couple will eschew the use of a wedding card holder on their wedding day, it is much easier for them to accept gifts if they don't have to haul them around during a very busy night! That way, of course, a missing wedding card holder will be no excuse for late thank you cards!