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How to Get Started on Your Wedding Vows

How to Get Started on Your Wedding Vows

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Writing your wedding vows can be intimidating. That is in part that writing itself can be hard as you try to put into words ideas that often do not yet have a language. Then you add in trying to express the love you have for someone you want to spend the rest of your life with and you have yourself a true writers block, stage fright, how on earth do I do this nightmare! So let's see if we can help! Let's start with a little writing exercise just to get the ideas going. Don't think every word you put down is going to end up in your vows or that you can only write down what you want in your vows. The point is to unlock the box, not engrave the stone! So grab a pen and paper (or a computer if you prefer) and let's get started! **Note this can be especially fun done with a bottle of wine and your BFFs in tow!** Pharmacy Museum Elopement in New Orleans

Brainstorming a Memory for your Wedding Vows

Step One: Create a five column table and label each column after the five senses: See, Hear, Smell, Feel, Taste. Step Two: Close your eyes and think of a moment with your significant other. Ideas: The first time you met, your first kiss, first date, a time you were sick and they took care of you, a cool date, etc. Any special moment, simple or crazy, will do. Step Three: Set a timer for 60 seconds and thinking of your chosen memory, write down as many words or phrases of what you can SEE in that memory. Only 60 seconds! And NO COMPLETE sentences. Step Four: Repeat step three for each of the senses. This should help you capture the moment you love so dearly without over thinking it! And get you brainstorming what you love most about your relationship. No matter which direction you go with your wedding vows, brainstorming is the best place to start. Use the feelings and images you capture in this exercise to begin describing your love! And remember, assuming you didn't start this five minutes before you're walking down the aisle, you have plenty of time to write and rewrite your wedding vows!
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