Heritage and Tradition: The Indian Wedding Cake Topper

Celebrate with an Indian Wedding Cake Topper

Indian Wedding Cake Topper

  Traditional Indian weddings are extravagant affairs that drip with rich reds and golds, outshining even the most daring American wedding. The bride adorns herself in a red gown with jewels, accessories, and temporary henna tattoos, while the groom finds himself just as dressed up in whites and golds. Weddings can last hours, relatives pour in from the farthest nets of family trees, and just the entrances and exits of the happy couple can be as breathtaking as an entire traditional American wedding.   An affair this spectacular needs its own Indian wedding cake topper. Brides in conservative white gowns paired with men in tuxedos won’t work for a traditional Indian wedding cake topper – the events are almost impossible to compare; the fashion is different and the traditions aren’t exactly parallel. An Indian wedding needs an Indian wedding cake topper.   A traditional Indian wedding cake topper shows the traditional Indian bride in her red dress and the groom in his white garb: the regulation setup of an Indian wedding. A more contemporary Indian wedding cake topper, however, may show the bride keeping with some tradition in style an adornment, while the silhouette remains somewhat familiar (white dress; black tuxedo). An Indian wedding cake topper will steal the show and recognize your heritage no matter how you choose to celebrate your big day.