How to Have a Fun New Year's Eve Wedding

How to Have a Fun New Year's Eve Wedding

For those willing to take on the planning challenges of a New Year’s Eve wedding, bravo!! Your wedding will be such a rush and a night you and your guests will never forget! So, don’t hold back on the glitz, the glam, shine, or sparkle! This time of the year is so much fun and you should let your creative energy flow!

Let’s start with the invitations!

Your initial party starter is the invitation! We promise your guests will love an invitation as glamorous as your special event intends to be. Have fun designing a chic and shining look like this one: New Year's Eve WeddingPhoto by: Apryl Ann

What’s the best theme for a New Year’s Eve wedding?

Our two “go-to” themes when it comes to a New Year's Eve wedding: a chic black tie event or a festive roaring twenties party! Or better yet, find a way to blend the two themes in a chic modern way! That means sequins, geometric elements, gold, satin fabric, fringe, and art-deco designs! Just think of all the table centerpiece possibilities! This wedding shoot designed by Birds of a Feather is exactly what we are talking about.Art Deco New Year's Wedding Black Tie Even 20's Themed Wedding New Year's Eve WeddingPhoto by: Apryl Ann

Party the night away!

The countdown to midnight will be the highlight of the your New Year's Eve wedding. Second to your “I dos” of course. To play into the magic,  you’ll want to do these five things to ensure you are ready to party the night away!
  1. Have a DJ or band ready to get the dance floor raging as the evening progresses and the New Year gets closer
  2. Have a change of comfortable shoes for the dance floor
  3. Consider having a party dress to change into for the reception and dancing so you can really let loose on the dance floor
  4. Have lots of champagne and easy to eat foods available for your partying guests to recharge with throughout the evening
  5. Have a photo booth with fun props to make some really fun memories with your friends and family

Bring on the bubbly for Your New Year's Eve Wedding!

Ringing in the New Year isn’t complete without the sound of clinking glasses and a shared kiss with a loved one! A glittering tower of champagne glasses is always a huge hit at New Year’s Eve wedding! Also, don’t forget to offer a non-alcoholic option like, sparkling cider for your guests as year's eve weddingPhoto by: Jennifer Domenick - Love Life Images

Happy New Year!!

We love a good New Year’s Eve wedding and adding some or all of these elements to your event will make sure you and your guests have a memorable night. Each year you’ll probably get calls asking if you are hosting another NYE bash!new year's eve weddingPhoto by: Apryl Ann