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Fun Bridal Shower Game

Fun Bridal Shower Game

Fun Bridal Shower Game

Bridal Shower Guest Book When planning a bridal shower it can be kind of tricky figuring out what to do other than watch the bride open gifts and eat cake, but there are a ton of fun activities that work great for a bridal shower. One of the tried and true games is the newlywed questionnaire. This bridal shower game has a ton of variations and can be completely catered to the bride and groom - this is probably why it is so successful. The main idea of this game is for the bride and groom to answer a set of questions about their relationship, each other, and marriage and then to see how well - or not! - their answers line up. Warning: This can be a lot of fun and is suppose to be silly, so try not to push too hard or make the bride feel dumb for not knowing the answers. Also, pay attention to the audience or don't ask inappropriate questions that will embarrass the bride or is none of anyone's business. Below we have two versions that have been shared with us by our wedding collectible brides during their interview to be featured on our blog (To see our real wedding features click here and to submit for your wedding to be featured click here.)

Behind the Scenes

Bridal Shower Question Game

The behind the scenes version of this game is for showers that have the rule of "no men allowed" or the groom cannot be present. The person planning the shower or planning the games would need to set up a time to interview the groom with a set of questions that the bride and groom should probably know about each other or questions about who is going to be doing what in their marriage (ie. who is going to be doing the dishes?). It is fun if you can get the interview on tape and then play his answers after the bride has made her guess, but if you cannot do that, the host or host of the game can read off his responses. This game is easy and can bring in a lot of laughs.

Barbie and Ken fun bridal shower game This version is great for co-ed showers or for a bridal shower where the groom can pop in for an hour. In this version of the game the bride and groom are seated back to back and are asked questions that all of answers of him or her. Examples would be, who said I love you first or who is the better dancer. To answer each question the bride and groom will hold up either a barbie (bride) or a ken doll (ken). If you don't have barbie dolls accessible, then any "girl toy" and "boy toy" can work or you could even use shoes.

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