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Dress up your DIY Dessert with Wedding Cupcake Wrappers

Wedding Cupcake Wrappers

Save time and money with wedding cupcake wrappers

For the on-a-budget bride, nothing saves the day quite like a DIY project. Not only do expensive extras become a whole lot less expensive, they can also become a fun day of crafting (and bonding if you bring a few friends!). But how do you make something like wedding cupcakes look classy and elegant when you’re trying to save a few bucks? The answer is wedding cupcake wrappers. Wedding cupcake wrappers look a lot more professional than the frilly Dora the Explorer butcher paper wrapper options at the grocery store, and wedding cupcake wrappers won’t break the bank. Be sure to select wedding cupcake wrappers that fit the feel and color scheme of your wedding, but don’t worry too much about having them match perfectly. Wedding cupcake wrappers also take the hassle out of decorating your cupcakes. Because wedding cupcake wrappers are already so beautiful, anything other than simple swirled frosting (and possibly a small garnish) would be overpowering. Wedding cupcake wrappers do the decorating for you and allow you to enjoy baking without the worry that your final product won’t look professional. Your guests won’t know the difference between the work of a bride in her kitchen and a professional baker with  nice set of wedding cupcake wrappers.