Are you just Engaged? Here is Exactly What to Do First

Are you just Engaged? Here is Exactly What to Do First

Just engaged? Congratulations! Finally, the moment you have been waiting for has arrived, and now, you have stepped into the next chapter. Well, this time comes with a lot of thoughts muddled up in one’s mind on what to do next, but don't panic as there are some simple ways you can get all in line. Simply pick some creative ideas from this guide on how to begin with your wedding planning after you have a ring on your finger.

Throw an Engagement Party

Once the intimate proposal has taken place, and you have said "yes," it's time to break the news to all friends and relatives. The most impressive and fun way to do this is by throwing an exciting engagement party and savoring your happiness with your loved ones. You might arrange a small gathering in your backyard or a huge party in a lavish setting. Pick your moment in your own way to announce that you are just engaged and ready to take on new adventures in life.

Don't forget to have an Engagement Session

Having a memorable engagement shoot would be a cherry on top to celebrate your betrothal. Take it as an opportunity to know your partner better and get some beautiful snaps captured of both of you. It will also provide you with some breathtaking photos to post on social media and show off your ring.

Make a Checklist

After sharing the happy news with all, it's time to head on towards wedding planning. This is the most exciting yet overwhelming process, and your mind might be jumbled up with a bunch of ideas. To sort things out, prepare a checklist of all the necessary things that need to be done in time according to the wedding timeline. However, remember not to overwhelm yourself and keep it easy to follow.

Focus on Budget Planning

Let's be realistic - you cannot be spendthrift with your big day's planning irrespective of how happy you are. Thus, you must draw your spending boundaries and set a budget. The sooner, the better. Think and plan about it soon after you got the ring. Take your time to figure out available finances, prioritize your spending heads, and you'll have a budget plan ready in no time.

Start Wedding Venue Hunt

This is the time to live your dreams, and you would not want to ruin the moments by hustling at the eleventh hour. Therefore, finalize a wedding theme and start the hunt for an ideal venue ahead of time. You might be getting a lot of wedding tips, and one worth following is booking your venue in advance. It can turn out to be a lifesaver.

Hire a Planner

Planning your wedding all by yourself is an excellent idea if you have enough time and organizational skills. But if you are struggling with how to plan a wedding, you might want to hire a professional planner to be in charge of your big day. Search online or contact through references to get a good planner who's worth the job.

Do not rush; you are just engaged, and there is a lot more to come. So, take breaks in between all the hustle and relax. Your most memorable day will surely go better than planned if you are able to relish every moment of it.