The Number One Mistake While Wedding Planning

The Number One Mistake While Wedding Planning

What is the number one mistake made while wedding planning?

Wedding planning can be stressful. There are so many little details that go into planning the perfect wedding. From the cake topper, to the wedding shoes, brides and grooms comb over every detail to make their wedding day perfect.  Sometimes things go wrong. For example, your cake might melt and start to slant because it was put in the sun. Those types of "mistakes" are not however going to make or break the wedding day. This isn't going to be a list of mistakes a bride can make when planning her wedding day that includes picking the right brides maid gifts. That type of shopping advice can come another day. Are you ready to know what is the biggest mistake a bride and groom can make? Here it is: The number one mistake during wedding planning is thinking that the wedding day is actually the most important day of your lives.

What is the most important day of a bride and groom's life?

The wedding day is a spectacular, special day for a couple in love. BUT, it is not the most important day in a married couples life. Those days come later - and aren't so much days, but moments. Having the perfect wedding dress will be overshadowed by the moment you have your first fight, but know that no matter what its going to be okay because you made a vow for better or for worse. Smashing cake in your spouses face will be out-shinned when you're vomiting and your significant other runs in to hold your hair away from your face. The most important day are all the days in your happily ever after. 

So when your shopping for the perfect wedding accessories, make sure your having fun! Enjoy the moment and don't tear yourself into pieces about something not being perfect! You are in love! And while you are enjoying the bliss of wedding planning love, take a look at Wedding Collectibles wedding cake toppers; because buying a wedding cake topper here, will never be a mistake