3 Dancing Alternatives for your Guests

Not everyone throws off their heels and tosses their cares to the wind when the DJ gets going at a wedding reception. Many people just don’t care for dancing - especially at a reception - and some of them might spend their time twiddling their thumbs or making extra trips to the cake and punch as the night carries on. This may not be true for some enthusiastic guests, but if you fear that your guests will be sitting on their hands while only a few wild ones occupy the dance floor, you might want to think of a few wedding activity alternatives.

  These alternatives aren’t just for shy guests, mind you. They’re also wonderful for afternoon weddings, weddings with an abundance of children, or weddings where the bride and groom themselves might not be so excited about dancing the night away.   Try… Lawn Games Perfect for a warm-weather backyard wedding (or really anywhere with space and grass), lawn games are exactly what they sound like. Break out the croquet set and the bocce balls; this plan is a wonderful setup for a wedding that has several younger guests. Lawn games are much less expensive then a photo booth (another popular extra-dancing activity), and guests will stay entertained longer.   Try… Conversation Starter Cards These are more of a bonus than a way to replace dancing completely. Conversation starter cards are a great way to decorate a table and occupy guests who may be a little shy about shaking it. You can print these cards yourself and arrange them in sets in any manner you like (think ribbons in your colors around sets of fifteen at each place setting). These cards might have hypothetical questions (in the “Would you Rather…” fashion) to get a fun conversation going, and are very well received at events where not everyone is eager to get up and dance.   Try… Wedding Reception Lounges Better for evening weddings, and a little more laid-back than lawn party games, lounges allow your guests to congregate in comfortable settings on the fringes of your event space. Lounges also let you play with furniture arrangements and possibly integrate a fire pit in a way you probably shouldn’t on the dinner table. Lounges give your guests a laid-back alternative to dancing while still feeling like they’re a part of your event.