Wooden Memory Note Box with Anniversary Stationery


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Is there a more appealing way to preserve the sentiments and personal messages from loved ones and revealing them on every anniversary than in The Wooden Memory Note Box. It enables their thoughts and well wishes to be experienced for years after the wedding takes place with our custom Anniversary Stationery. The concept behind creating an anniversary tradition of this type is surprisingly simple. The idea is that for each Anniversary, from the very first all the way to the big 5-0, the memory box will contain one small token. The set comes with fifty envelopes and cards which are labeled for each anniversary. Once completed these will be transformed into personal mementos from the people who mean the most.

6 1/4" x 6" x 5 1/4" , Stationery 5" x 5"
Price includes Wooden Memory Note Box and Anniversary Stationery Series with envelopes and note cards.

Product dimensions:

- Weight: 0.95 lbs