Personalized 28 oz. Bedside Water Carafe & Glass Set


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Our Personalized Bedside Water Carafe & Glass Set is an exquisite way to quench your midnight thirst. Beautifully crafted from crystal clear glass, this carafe ingeniously combines a water pitcher and drinking glass into one, beautifully structured component. With the drinking glass acting as a lid over the tapered spout on the carafe; it’s the ideal duo for a simple, late night sip… not to mention, an exquisite accessory to any bedside table or desk. FREE Personalization Dimensions: Glass w/ Lid: 12.5” L. x 3.75” W x 7.25” H. / 28 oz. Drinking Glass/ Lid: 2.5" W. x 3.25" H. / 6 oz. Features: A sleek glass design, a tapered spout for pouring, a fitted lid which doubles as a drinking glass, and free personalization. Materials: Clear glass. Please Note: minor bubbles and swirls are inherent to hand-blown glass. Variations may occur on styles due to their hand-crafted nature. Care Instructions: Hand-Wash. Engraving Options: May be engraved with a single initial at No Additional Cost.

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