His / His Moscow Mule Copper Mug w/ Unique Handle (Set of 2)


SKU: HSS2905-2

You both can enjoy a little more distinctive style in your lives with our His / His Moscow Mule Mug w/ Unique Handle. These mugs are plated in copper and etched with “His” and “His” on the side, along with a brass handle. Sold in set of two, they will be easily enjoyed for years to come. Dimensions: 4 in. H w/ a 3 in. diameter / 16oz. Quantity: Sold in a set of (2) two Features: Varying metal tones with shapely handle and "His" "His" personalization. Materials: Stainless steel w/ copper plated exterior and brass handle. Please Note: Handcrafted. Minor imperfections are normal. Copper is a beautiful metal that naturally patinas over time. To maintain the bright, original shine, it must be cleaned and polished regularly. Care Instructions: Hand wash only Engraving Options: Engraved with “His” and “His” on the side. As Shown Only

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