Personalized From the Bride to her Grandfather Wedding Handkerchief


SKU: BH118

A pretty and delicate wedding handkerchief, delicately presented in a gift box, along with a printed verse written especially for grandfather. Express your heartfelt feelings with this loving and thoughtful gift your loved one will treasure always. The poem card reads: To My Granddad It seems that time keeps rolling on As endless as the tide, Not long ago I was a child, Now, soon I'll be a bride. And some of my best memories Are of time spent with you, A Granddad that is interested In everything I do. And though time will keep marching on, The future we can't see Now is the time for me to say, How much you mean to me. So, for my happy wedding day, This hanky is for you, A little keepsake meant to say, Dear Granddad, I love you.

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