Bride and Groom Silhouette Light-Up Wedding Cake Topper



Showcase your wedded bliss with the Bride and Groom Silhouette Light-Up Wedding Cake Topper. A bride and groom is beautifully etched as a silhouette design into clear acrylic. Illuminate your reception and your cake with the optional lit base. Powered by 3 AA batteries and featuring several LED lights, in the color of your choice, the base. Light colors include: blue, gold, green, purple, red, white, and turquoise. Choose your colors wisely, while keeping your cake colors and wedding theme colors in mind. The base is completely sealed and can be molded into the top tier of the cake. You may also choose to customize this beautiful cake topper by etching the bride and groom's names and their wedding date into the acrylic design. This cake topper is about 4.25" to 5.25" tall. Consider your future home when choosing this wedding cake topper. Perhaps it will fit perfectly into an outdoor porch, Florida room, or recreational room setting? Show your wedding guests and your future house guests that you married the light of your life, and you would do it all over again.

Product dimensions:

- Weight: 0.50 lbs
- Height: 4.25 - 5.25"
- Width: 3/8"
- Length: 3/8"