12” Celtic St Brigid’s Cross Celtic Knot Wall Art | 12” Diameter - 1/8” Thick | Wooden Wall Art, Crystal Grid, Zen Wall Art, Wooden Art, Wooden Wall Art Decor | Sacred Geometry Art, Geometry Art


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*Known as an Irish christian symbol, the original design was probably inspired by the pagan sun wheel. The distinctive St. Brigids Cross design, made from woven rushes, is thought to keep evil, fire and hunger from the homes in which it is displayed, however the tale of its creation is somewhat confused, and there is not one definitive version. Use for wall decorations, wall hanging, wall art, home decor, stencil, meditation focal point, or lay flat as a table center piece, or add to your alter. *Brigid's crosses are associated with Brigid of Kildare, one of the patron saints of Ireland. The crosses are traditionally made in Ireland on St Brigid's feast day, 1 February, which was formerly celebrated as a pagan festival (Imbolc) marking the beginning of spring. Many rituals are associated with the making of the crosses. Traditionally they were set over doorways and windows to protect the home from any kind of harm. *12"x12”x1/8" Wall Hanging Art Home Decor.This sacred symbol looks great on any wall, perfect for home decor or office decorations. *Made, packaged, and designed in the USA - Birch Plywood This Celtic St. Brigid’s Cross is a mystical diagram, sacred geometric art, and a symbol of divine balance. The wooden sculpture is a generous 12" inch diameter wide, and 1/8" inch thick plywood; you cannot miss it's presence in a room. Each one is unique and has a different grain pattern to the wood. Smooth finish. This is a Celtic Saint Brigid's crystal grid made out of Birch wood. The presence of the Brigid's cross in Ireland is likely far older than Christianity. The Goddess Brigid was one of the Tuatha Dé Danann. Her feast day was the feast of Imbolc, and the cross made of rushes today is very likely the descendant of a pagan symbol whose original meaning may have been locally understood even into the early 20th century in rural Ireland. One remnant of that tradition in the meaning of the Brigid's Cross today, is that it is said to protect a house from fire. In Christianity, St Brigid and her cross are linked together by a story about her weaving this form of cross at the death bed of either her father or a pagan lord, who upon hearing what the cross meant, asked to be baptised. Celtic knots are known as endless knots because they don't have a beginning or end. They represent how nature is eternal. It can be used as a symbol of Ireland’s ancient culture. The endless intertwining curves can also be representative of eternal love. It can be given as a gift in order to convey a wish of longevity as it represents an uninterrupted life cycle. It is sometimes called the Irish Love knot.

Product dimensions:

- Height: 12"
- Width: 1/8"