How to Take a Perfect Photo

First, see the instructions below on how to get a perfect photo.

    Need to covertly obtain a photo? Here are some tips and tricks:

    • Snapchat 'FaceSwap with camera roll’ features - This is a fun way to obtain the photos and is a great decoy.
    • Morph thing ( or Face in a Hole ( are websites that are also great decoys for obtaining images of faces.
    • Collage or special custom card - You can say that for a special card you will need a front and side photo and they can wait to be surprised. 

    What to Do:

    2. We only need a photo of your face (not your body)
    3. Make sure your whole head is visible
    4. Look directly at the camera

    What Not to Do:

      1. Do not tilt or turn your head
      1. Keep hair away from eyes and forehead (if we can see your ears, you should be good)
      2. NO UNEVEN LIGHT! This is the #1 reason we reject photos. This means:
      • Do not stand under a bright ceiling light.
      • Do not take pictures in sunlight.
      • Do not stand next to a window with sunlight shining through.
      • Always use flash! :)
      1. No Glasses
      2. No teeth
      3. No open mouth 

      That's it!