Funny Wedding Cake Toppers

Top off the fun at your wedding reception with a funny wedding cake topper from Wedding Collectibles.
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Make your guests laugh and smile with funny wedding cake toppers!

Create a fun and jovial atmosphere with our funny cake toppers.

Marriage is not a laughing matter, but having a sense of humor when you are getting married goes a long way. After all finding levity in this stressful world helps keep you grounded and smiling.

Whether you choose the Tender Touch topper withe the bride and groom sneaking a pinch on each other's bottoms or the Funny Sexy topper with the bride scandalously jumping onto the groom, Wedding Collectibles has the funny wedding cake topper that will make your cake both memorable and photogenic. Most of the funny wedding cake toppers include custom painting options, including bouquet, hair, and shoe color options. Go ahead, choose a funny topper and paint colors that mean something to you and the love of your life.

If you are looking to make your wedding cake extra special, choose the Dice Light-Up funny wedding cake topper. It does not get any more personal than this. You can add your names, wedding date, and location of your wedding. Make your reception extra special, and cut the lights while cutting the cake. Nothing will be more memorable than cutting your wedding cake by the light of the cake topper. Let your happiness shine through by illuminating your cake with the light of your funny wedding cake topper from Wedding Collectibles.