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Whether you are searching for the perfect wedding cake topper or table centerpieces for your reception, Wedding Collectibles has everything you are looking for and everything you can imagine. 


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Because no wedding is complete without the perfect cake topper

Careful attention is paid to every last detail. Whether you want the figurine's hair to match the bride's actual hair color or you want to find a quote from the couple's favorite romantic movie, Wedding Collectibles is bound to have everything you are looking for and more. Once the cake has been served, and the happy couple is off on their honeymoon, the wedding cake topper can make the perfect table centerpiece. Movie or music quotes can be affixed to the wedding album page or any wall in the couple's home to create lasting memories.

Cake toppers do not have to be limited to figurines or quotes. How about a bunch of sparklers sitting in the top of the cake? Wedding Collectibles has a wide variety of wedding and heart shaped sparklers.

Why be ordinary, when you can be extraordinary? Choose a wedding cake topper from Wedding Collectibles and create a lasting memory.