Which accessory lets you express your feelings to the most precious persons in your life?

A sentimental note along with an elegant wedding party handkerchief is for those close to you. The embroidered accessory allows you to appreciate and acknowledge all their help and support in some of the challenging moments in your life. For instance, a note of gratitude to ‘Maid of Honor’ mentions how the latter has stood by your side in your tough times. It thanks your maid of honor for all the kindness, compassion, understanding and trustworthiness. It recounts how both of you have shared so many joyful moments and even a few difficult occasions. Thanking the important person in your life for being a part of your wedding, it sums up your sentiments by stating: “What's important, is that we shared all these experiences together. I value our friendship and will always treasure it. I also appreciate the strength and love it gives me today! This also is an apt giveaway to your closest friend, thanking the friend for offering every possible encouragement and endless joy. It is an opportunity to mention of their kindness, understanding, compassion and trust. Thanking for having devoted precious time and summing up the true essence of the relationship, the note mentions: “Friends talk with us, laugh with us and even cry with us. They are there with us also during our more difficult moments. Thank you so much for being a part of my wedding day!”