What Wedding Gifts to Skip

What Wedding Gifts to Skip

Is there such a thing as a bad wedding gift?

When a Bride and Groom set up their registry, they have an idea in their head of what they want as wedding gifts. Sometimes those must haves turn into dust collectors, never leaving the box. Other times, well meaning loved ones skip the registry. They go with something sweet and sentimental in mind or something really last minute and again, the gift is pushed to the back shelf until the couple finally decides to toss it. If a bride and groom in either of these situations have the receipts to do returns and figure out that they want to return it early enough, then they may be able to salvage the bad gift before it ends up in the trash. Unfortunately, it is pretty typical for that gift receipt to not be included. You may think it's harsh to say your must have may turn into a waste or if your a wedding guest that your well meaning gift could end up in the trash?  But, think about all the things you have purchased and used once. Then think about putting another person's opinions and tastes into the equation. It's not a far fetched prophecy! So, let us help  you out!

Five Wedding Gifts NOT to get

Worst Wedding Gifts

1) Cutesy Cooking Tools: Nobody needs a mini doughnut maker. Unless they are five and it's play pretend. 2) Homemade and BOLD items: Homemade can be sweet. However, if it's too bold or distinct in style and doesn't match the couple or their home, you can bet that sweet item won't last very long. 3) Lingerie from anyone that's not a BFF type person. Mom's, grandmas, church leaders - pass your married life wisdom in another form. This gift has a good shot of just feeling awkward. Ultimately it is just more appropriate as a shower gift from a friend, than as wedding gifts. Basically, just read the room on this gift!

Just a Bad idea as Wedding Gifts!

4) Advice Books: Whether it is about saving a relationship - "keeping the fire" - or what positions will increase the chances of getting pregnant, it is intrusive and works more as passing judgement than being helpful. 5) Anything that needs maintenance. If it's not something the bride and groom are already in the habit of doing or committed to, chances are that beautiful antique that needs to be oiled daily to keep in usable condition isn't going to oiled.

Now, what do you think the BEST wedding gifts would be? Check out our top three blog here and see if you agree!