Using Goth Wedding Accessories Sparingly

A Classy Goth Wedding with Goth Wedding Accessories

Goth Wedding Accessories

It's important not to overdue goth wedding accessories if you're planning a gothic wedding. Goth wedding accessories should be used sparingly, but the aesthetic is easy to maintain if you are interested in a darker color scheme and aesthetic without any over-commitment to the art of the grotesque. If you're planning on using specific goth wedding accessories, such as skeleton cake toppers, it's good to balance them out with pieces that are a bit more subtle, like ring bearer pillows and guest books that simply follow the color scheme that you're working with.   The most important goth wedding accessories will be the centerpieces of your day, such as your unity candle, your cake servers, and your ring pillow. Try to find them all in the same set to promote a feeling of unity and consistency. Goth wedding accessories work best when they aren't lifted straight from the Halloween discount rack. That means valuing quality and aesthetic over a literal interpretation of a particular theme. The goth wedding accessories are the most successful when they are identified as goth only as a whole, not as individual pieces. After all, you want a goth wedding, not a goth-overload.