Tradition and Innocence Featured in Every Precious Moments Cake Topper

Collect and Treasure your Precious Moments Cake Topper

Precious Moments Cake Topper

The “Precious Moments” line of figurines has graced many a fireplace mantle and collectibles display case throughout the years - why not include a precious moments cake topper on your special day? A Precious Moments cake topper features the classic tear drop eye style and smooth ceramic surface of all Precious Moments collectibles, while adding a new theme to its repertoire: weddings. The Precious Moments cake topper style includes the classic childlike silhouette (large head and eyes + small body) and a collaboration of settings, just like traditional (and contemporary) lines of other wedding cake toppers. A Precious Moments cake topper comes in a surprising number of varieties, including destination, Disney, anniversary, quinceanera, and religious. The more contemporary versions of the Precious Moments cake topper feature a young couple zipping around on a scooter or sharing their first dance on a beach. All styles and selections of the Precious Moments cake topper keep with the time-honored brand’s signature style: wide-eyed, child-like wonder. That sense of wonder and innocence makes for a perfect fit for an occasion that emphasizes new beginnings. Include a Precious Moments cake topper in your wedding.