Top 10 Fall Cake Toppers

Top 10 Fall Cake Toppers 

1) Precious Moments Rustic Wedding Cake TopperRustic Fall Wedding Cake topper This Precious Moments cake topper is perfect for a Fall wedding with it's earthy tones and warm vibe. It will of course work best with a rustic wedding, but also works for vintage and shabby chic as well - which just so happen to be very popular wedding styles in the fall!

2) Willow Tree "Around You"

Willow Tree Cake Topper   One of the great things about a Fall Wedding is that embodies the intimate atmosphere of fall weather. Leaves change, the cold nips at your toes, and as the rain falls you drink hot coco and cuddle under a blanket made for one. This cake topper from Willow captures that, making it a perfect choice for your fall wedding.

3) Personalized Wood Veneer Sign

Wood Fall Wedding Cake TopperFollowing the trend of a woodsy accent, this monogram cake topper is great not only as a cake topper, works for those alternative wedding cake choices as well!

4) "A Love Nest" Wedding Cake Topper

Love bird cake topper Preparing for winter and to snuggle in, these love birds are a perfect representation of the new life you are starting together - preparing for the future and snuggling in!

5) Mr. & Mrs. Banner Cake Topper

Vintage Banner cake topper Banners are definitely a trendy choice, but is particularly good for the fall as it embraces a lot of the same wedding styles that are popular for the fall.

6) Willow Tree "Promise" Wedding Cake Topper

Promise wedding cake topper This popular Willow figurine is a perfect Fall wedding cake topper with its subdued earthy tones that match the season and the composition that matches the sentiment.

7) Off-White Porcelain Bride and Groom Wedding Cake Topper Figurine

Gold Accents Cake TopperWe have said before that gold accents are perfect for a fall wedding, making this traditional cake topper catered perfectly for the fall in a very simple way.

8) "A Romantic Dip" Dancing Bride and Groom Cake Topper

Falling for you cake topper What better Fall cake topper than one that says "I'm falling for you"??

9) Love's Embrace Cake Topper Figurine 

Romantic Wedding Cake Topper

We love the small and simple details of this cake topper. The cool tones give a lighter look to the Fall feel, but that may be just what you need!

10) Legacy of Love Wedding Cake Topper

Romantic Wedding Cake Topper This cake topper is the word romance and would look beautiful on your love filled wedding cake!