Perfect Pick: DIY Wedding Cake Topper

Looking for the ultimate unique to you wedding cake topper?

DIY wedding cake topper This DIY wood peg doll wedding cake topper kit includes four hand turned wood peg dolls, a standard paint set, sanding pencil, and top coat. This is the ultimate customizable cake topper as you have the freedom to design and create your cake topper in any way you want - skill level allowing. If you have a creative hand, this is most definitely the perfect DIY wedding cake topper for you!

Why we love it:

We love this DIY wedding cake topper because it is so incredibly unique. Being able to make your wedding cake topper makes it so you can have exactly what you want with a much more personal connection. The groom can be in uniform, the bride in coconut bra and grass skirt! Really, the choice is yours! Plus, the kit includes two bride pegs and two groom pegs. This is perfect in case you mess up and want to start fresh. Also, if you are a same sex couple, you don't need to buy two kits to get a representation of you and your love!

Themes it matches:

Really the sky is the limit with this DIY cake topper. However, the wood peg look (however styled) might look best wedding themes that are not overly formal.

Where to get it:

This cake topper can be found easily on our build your own cake topper page, along with DIY wedding cake topper bases that would look great with this wood peg topper. For example, the Calla Lily Arch and the Personalized Rustic cake topper bases can pair beautifully with our wood peg doll topper.

How would you style this DIY wedding cake topper? Coconut bra? Or Princess Diana?