How Big of a Wedding Cake Do I Need for 100 Guests?

How Big of a Wedding Cake Do I Need for 100 Guests?

Deciding on your wedding cake's design, style, and size can be a hectic task, especially when there are many options around. Maybe you have something in mind but are not sure about the size of your cake. Well, you may find the solution to this issue here. When selecting a particular wedding cake size, it’s necessary to take all the circumstances into account. The key aspects to consider are as follows:

How Big of a Wedding Cake Do I Need for 100 Guests?

Keep the Guest List in View

The most significant thing that would affect your wedding cake size is the number of guests who are going to eat it. If you've been to weddings before, one most obvious thing is not all the guests like or eat cake. So, maybe you gotta keep them in mind too and not order a super-sized cake. 100 guests is not a lot, thus, it'll be better to go with an average-sized beautiful cake.

No Problem if You Want a Big Wedding Cake!

With a hundred guests, you may not order a big-sized cake without having to waste it at the end. So, if you really want a cake with lots of layers or tiers, you can definitely get one! How? Well, by ordering fake tiers for your cake. That will not make you spend lots of money on something that is going to be wasted, plus, you’ll be able to fulfill your big wedding cake wish too!

Keep The Flavor in Mind

The flavor that you're going to choose is of utmost importance when ordering the right wedding cake size. If you're going with a heavy chocolate flavor, you must know that no one can eat lots of it. However, light creamy flavorful cakes are light to eat too, which makes the guests ask for more and more! So, maybe you would want to keep that EXTRA wishes in mind while getting your cake.

Final Words

Choosing the wedding cake size may be confusing, but it is always better to plan everything beforehand instead of making last-minute decisions. After all, it is always better to go for a bigger size than estimated because you never know who might want to have an extra slice too!