A Honeymoon on a Budget

Good Morning Coffee Mugs (Set of 2)

While the wedding day may be the day that you have been dreaming about since you were a little kid, the Honeymoon is the celebration that is about you and the one you love. It can be hard, however, to sacrifice your budget on an extravagant honeymoon. The good news is that when it comes to your honeymoon, you can make any destination a luxury destination.

For example, if you and your love are a bit adventurous, why not pack up a cooler and tent and go on a camping trip? Campgrounds are not as pricey as a sparkling hotel, but can be just as relaxing and romantic. You can snuggle up together next to a campfire, roast s'mores, count the stars...in the morning you would wake up to the sound of birds, maybe even a stream bubbling past, and the sun would drip through the leaves...Does that not sound romantic? The most important part is that it would be all about you and loving one another.

And if you're not into a sleeping bag wedding night, then plan a night in a nice hotel (location not important) as part one of the honeymoon. Splitting up your honeymoon activities can not only be cost effective, but can be a lot more fun than committing to a week on a cruise ship. Start with a night at a fancy hotel, then head out camping in the mountains or on the beach, maybe spend the day exploring a city you don't know, or go whale watching or kayaking on the ocean. Whatever you do, be sure to plan a honeymoon that caters to you and your budget. Wherever you choose to honeymoon, just remember that that will be the first morning you wake up together as husband and wife to say "Good morning handsome".