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Guide: Choosing A Quinceanera Cake Topper

Choosing a Quinceañera Cake Topper

Quinceañera Cake Topper Planning your Quinceañera all starts with a theme – princess, flowers, diamonds, butterflies, etc. Once you have that, you can move forward with colors, invitations, décor, and most importantly, your cake! We’ve got a list to help you find your perfect Quinceañera cake topper to round out every theme you can imagine to celebrate turning 15. Here are just a few of our favorites:

Butterfly Princess Cake Topper

First up, our Butterfly Princess Quinceañera Cake Topper sparkles and shines with a crystal-studded satin ribbon and a glittered butterfly. Make it unique to you by customizing the hair color and choose from pink, purple, blue and green for the ribbon and butterfly. A stunning item that is sure to draw all eyes to your cake. And after all, who doesn’t love feeling like a princess?
Quinceañera Cake Topper

Classic Porcelain Cake Topper

A simple yet classic way to feel like a princess. This porcelain Quinceañera Cake Topper figurine appears to be dancing to curtsying her way into the big party. Also available with custom hair colors and a crystal flower hair piece. Outside of topping your cake, it also fits well as a décor piece on the dessert table or guest book table and as a keepsake post party.
Quinceañera Cake Topper

Mis Quince Anos Cake Topper

Carry your “15” theme all the way through your party with this classic number Quinceañera Cake Topper. Coated in Silver and decorated with clear rhinestones, it will perfectly adorn the top of any cake. Includes the phrase “Mis Quince Anos” in pink at the bottom on both sides. Pair it with this crystal Quinceañera bouquet to keep the sparkle all day long.
Quinceañera Cake Topper

Monogram Quinceañera Cake Topper

Keep it simple with our Monogram Quinceañera Cake Topper! Comes adorned with a Swarovski crystal florette and additional crystals available in two colors, it fits beautifully atop any Quinceañera cake or dessert. Choose a letter that represents your name from our alphabet of choices! After the party is over, use the letter as décor in your room to help remember all the fun of your big day.
Quinceañera Cake Topper

Pearl Arch Quinceañera

We love the detail in this Quinceañera caketopper! The pearls flowing over the figurine and the delicate baby pink rose she is holding add a feminine touch, symbolizing the transition from a girl to a woman. With matching hair color to make it even more special, this porcelain figurine with a rhinestone organza bow will make the top of any Quinceañera cake complete.
Quinceañera Cake Topper
No matter what direction you choose for your Quinceañera theme, make it one that is unique to you. We have a variety of items in addition to cake toppers to help carry your theme throughout the entire event, including sashes, purses, jewelry, guestbooks and more. Browse all items here or call our customer service and we will be happy to help you find the perfect items