How to Go Bold Without Falling into Tacky

How to Go Bold Without Falling into Tacky

There has been a bit of a journey of color over the years in the wedding industry. It seems, though, that every season and every decade, there is a desire to leave behind soft hues and go for something BOLD. We've all seen weddings with bright and bold colors that take our breath away, but when someone says they are using a color like orange in their wedding palette, we can't help but hold are breath hoping it won't be awful. Bold colors can be really hard to pull off. turquoise, cobalt blue, fuchsia, orange...all gorgeous colors that done wrong, can make for a very tacky wedding. Below we will go over three simple tips on how to avoid the tacky wedding while embracing the bold!

Tip One: Pair the bold with something taming. 

If you want to use fuchsia as you main wedding color, we so GO FOR IT. A lot of people say that the bold color should only be the accent. Like wearing bright shoes with a neutral outfit. However, we think that the bold color can be center stage, you just need to frame it with something neutral and soft. Taupe, Grey, Greiges, are all colors that can pretty quickly create a feel of sophistication. Fuchsia and taupe wedding: Bold Wedding Color Combo So let your fuchsia be bold and beautiful with a neutral backdrop to tame it down a tad.

Tip Two: Let Nature Build Your Bold

Flowers are a perfect way to implement your bold colors and still look classy. This doesn't mean dying flowers the colors you want, but using flowers that naturally have your bold color of choice. Along with flowers, you can look at gemstones too! Nature is full of fun, vibrant colors. Use it to your advantage.

Tip Three: Look at the Little Details

Monochrome and color pop wedding inspiration with a Kate Spade twist | Remember to take advantage of all the ways color can come into play with your wedding accessories. Everything from your wedding invitations to your bouquet to your table numbers can really establish your color scheme, showing off your bold color choices.

The biggest thing you need to do as you work with your wedding planner, is to be sure to think about the big picture and color on purpose!