Getting friendly with your spouse

If you want to build a rapport with your spouse, then you will need to walk a mile in his or her shoes. You will have to start from where the other person is. You must start from what is familiar to your spouse. Gradually you can mould him or her according to your preference.  Here are some tips on how to build a rapport with your spouse. •    You would have to temporarily downplay what you expect from your spouse. You need to see the other person’s point of view is instead of harping on your own.
•    Make an honest effort to understand how your spouse feels about certain things. If he has a different opinion, then try to understand why he feels in that way. Try to think from his point of view. This way, you are sure to reach an amicable conclusion on any issue.
•    Try and notice small things that your spouse likes or dislikes. These small things sure make a large difference.
•    Spend as much time you can with your spouse. Once you are successful in making him feel wanted and cared for, you will be able to open his mind to broader ideas.