How to Decide Where to Get Married

How to Decide Where to Get Married

Wedding Party Full of Family

Photo: Wedding Collectibles, “Destination Hawaii Real Wedding Feature – Melissa & Cameron”
This cute couple decided on a destination wedding at their honeymoon spot. It was the perfect choice for them, but meant a small ceremony with a limited number of guests.

A problem some couples will encounter is the difficulty of deciding where they should get married. These are usually couples that have family in different states, opposite sides of the country, or even a different country all together. There really is now barrier to who you will fall in love with in relevance to where your families and friends are from. So how do you decide where to get married?

Here are some factors to consider:movie Detective Conan: Crimson Love Letter 2017 streaming

  1. Where do you consider home? If you and your soon to be have settled in to a city different than that of your families, perhaps have even lived there for years, it might make more sense to have your wedding there and to have any family travel to you. This would mean that your close friends and even coworkers would not have to travel far in order to support you on your wedding day. While friends may not be your priority guests, it is important to remember that family is more likely to travel for your wedding.
  2. Where do you have the most family? If it is important for you to have your family at your wedding, you will want to consider which location will make it easy for the highest number of family members to be there. Particularly those you cannot imagine your wedding day without, but also cannot travel across the country.
  3. Who is paying for your wedding? There is no set rule that where the money comes from, you must follow, but it can make things easier. If the brides parent’s are paying for the wedding, but you are having the wedding near your groom’s side, it will make wedding planning and budgeting difficult and even awkward.
  4. Will you have difficulty getting to your location to decide on venues, accessories, and decorations? This is similar to looking at who is paying for your wedding because it can be difficult to live in one state and plan a wedding in another. It is not impossible, but if you are a bride that wants things exactly how you want them, your patience, trust, and zen will be challenged.
  5. Who will be in your wedding party?  If all of your husband’s friends live in a different state, just be conscious that if he has them as groomsmen, you will be asking them to put a lot more money into your wedding than they can afford with plane tickets, hotel rooms, etc. So, at the very least, try and be aware of ways that you can make this request easier on them.
  6. Where do you want to get married? If you have your heart set on getting married in your home town, then get married in your home town. If you dream of getting married on the white sands of Hawaii or in a castle in Ireland, you can go ahead and do that.

Really, you can and should get married where you want to get married, but you cannot expect everyone you know, your closest friends, and even all your family members, to be able to be there. With that, you cannot try to plan your wedding around them either. It will never work. So, figure out what is most important to you, what will give you the least stress, and roll with it!