Alternative Guestbook: Wedding Signing Stones

Wedding Signing Stones Guest Book

Wedding Signing Stones

Wedding guestbooks are becoming the new accessory to make your own in the wedding world. While traditional guestbooks are a wonderful way to record the well-wishes of your friends and family on your wedding day, creative alternatives are growing in popularity; take wedding signing stones. Wedding signing stones offer you and your guests a unique “guestbook” experience and offer several fun applications during the reception. Wedding signing stones are simply river rocks that come with a display vase for you to later incorporate into your home. Each guests receives one or more signing stones to write well-wishes on, and they are deposited in the display vase before the end of the evening. Wedding signing stones can be distributed in a number of ways, such as placement on each guest’s place setting, distribution by ushers when they enter the reception space, or even with the escort cards at the front display table.   After guests write their sentiments on your wedding signing stones, the display options for your home are nearly endless. You can keep your wedding signing stones in their vase, decorate the vase with flowers or other projecting keepsakes, or even scatter them artfully on your mantle. Enjoy your wedding signing stones!