7 Wedding Décor Trends of 2017

7 Wedding Décor Trends of 2017

1. Unique Invitations

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Send out a fun and unique invitation like this puzzle invite featured on weddingfully.com. Make sending out your invites easier by snagging yourself an envelope moistener Wedding invitations are a guest’s first introduction to a wedding’s personality and many couples are really taking advantage of this opportunity with unique wedding invitations.


2. Blue Suited Gentlemen While a traditional black suit is great, in 2017 grooms are opting for something with a little more color. Try a classy blue suit for both you and your groomsmen for a modern look.    

3. Drip Cakes Naked cakes were all the rage in 2016, and while the minimalist and romantic look is not going out of style, drip cakes are the big trend for 2017. These cakes capture a similar look to naked cakes, but include frosting in dripping goodness.   4. Color Comebacks While most couples are still opting for a more neutral look, color is definitely making a comeback whether it be in small pops of color or with a bold color choice at the center of softer neutrals.

5. Fun Food Presentations

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Find ideas like this one on Pinterest or browse Wedding Collectibles and find items like personalized serving wear Whether they admit it or not, most people come to special events with the food in mind. On trend for 2017 is fun food presentations like having bite sized appetizers ready on the tip of a personalized fork, making the delicious dining even more diverting.

6. Games Even in the most traditional of weddings, games are popping up as a top wedding trend for 2017. It could be small games for guests to occupy their time with during the reception at their table or it could be something a little more extravagant like a cute mini golf course or giant sized classics like Connect Four or Jenga as a focal point of the party! 7. Food on Wheels Going along with the tone of making food fun at weddings, using food trucks or otherwise mobile food services in lieu of a more formal caterer has become one of the top trends as of late. For the latest wedding décor to match your wedding style, shop online at Wedding Collectibles. Contact our knowledgeable customer services representatives at 1-866-210-2226 if you need assistance finding the right items for your wedding.