4 Popular Wedding Cake Traditions

4 Popular Wedding Cake Traditions

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White dresses, flower girls, a bridal bouquet, and a speech by the best man are just a few of the many traditions that go hand and hand with the term wedding. While some couples might opt for a less traditional wedding, most brides (and grooms) have dreamt of the traditional “here comes the bride” with roses and a monogramed aisle runner. In the spirit of the traditional wedding couple, let’s take a look at some of the most popular (and most fun) wedding cake traditions!

Number One: Saving the top layer.

This has been a tradition almost as long as having a wedding cake has been a tradition. While the wedding guests are served the bottom layers of the cake, the couples save the top and eats it on their one-year anniversary. Most wedding cake bakers will even provide customers with a box specifically to store the top layer of their wedding cake. This is such a fun wedding tradition that allows couples to savor the magic of their love-filled day.

Number Two: A Unique Cake Topper

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Whether it is flowers, a monogram, or figurine cake topper, most couples will choose to crown their wedding cake with a wedding cake topper that is representative of who they are as a couple. This is one wedding tradition that has grown over time and even opened up its arms to more comical cake topers like “The Love Match” Rugby wedding cake topper or kept it simple with an elegant monogram cake topper like the “Flower and Pearl” porcelain cake topper. No matter the couple’s style, this is a great tradition to follow because not only does it help make the wedding day even more special, a wedding cake topper is a wonderful keepsake to remind the bride and groom of the romance, elegance, and fun they had on their wedding day.

Number Three:  Slicing the cake together.

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Much like a couple’s first dance, the wedding cake tradition of slicing the first piece together is a wedding tradition that symbolizes the unity of the newlyweds. No longer Jane and John, but Mr. and Mrs. Doe.

Number Four: Smashing the cake in each other’s faces.

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Going along with slicing the cake together, it is traditional for the bride and groom to feed each other a bite from that first slice. This more often than not turns into the bride and groom smashing cake in each other’s faces. This wedding tradition is definitely a crowd favorite because who doesn’t love seeing a bride and groom play together? However, it can be a bit of a risk if the bride and groom don’t discuss it beforehand or if the groom accidentally smears the frosting on the bride’s dress.